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Angular package.json file overview

I think this might be helpful for any novice Angular developer like me. It is important to know how this package.json works, among other things, because of possible vulnerabilities of the project.

Also it is useful to avoid a backup of the node_modules folder, making your project back up much smaller and it will allow NPM (Node Package Manager), to install all the required dependencies whenever you need it.,package.,packages%20installed%20for%20the%20project

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EDIT: I update with some good info which may be very helpful to you, as I asked about package.json and vulnerabilities on Stack Overflow and I received a very good answer:


Javascript Wordpress

Javascript manually coded Google Maps



Many times, WordPress plugins give a lot of problems; so, if you have time and skills, i think is better to implement the funcionality with your own code.

The plugin I was using for the google maps on a client┬┤s site

So I decided to code it, then I could learn a bit and also improve it.

Now each time you click the icon, the info appears/ disappears, and you can make a call to the client pressing the link, with the help of the href=tel attribute.

I have uploaded code to Github, just take in mind you must set your own API KEY with a billing account in order to use it properly on production. You have more info on the project`s