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Building a REST API with SLIM 4: Part 1

Before I had to be full.time dedicated to take care about my mother, I had some projects to include on my portfolio.

One of them was a REST API made with PHP and SLIM2. I used this API as a mock backend for many applications, like my car selling fake app. Here you can see the back-end and fron-end code (made with Angular 6) of that app

Also you can see the project working here ( you will find a 403 Forbidden response, but ask me and I will give you an access to check). The reason that is is closed is that you can “play” with it: change or upload pictures… and I don´t want that to be done by anyone on the internet, of course 🙂

When I wanted to code it again, to refresh my knowledge, I noticed there were a lot of differences between SLIM 2 and the actual SLIM 4. Also, as the old version was made following a course, I wanted to make again from scratch,  then I can feel the API is “more mine”.

SLIM is a PHP framework, very useful to quickly create apps or APIs. Maybe it is not so powerful as Laravel, for example, but for people like me, which are more focused on Javascript and frameworks based on it, like Angular or React, SLIM can be a good solution when we want to do things like this.

As documentation is maybe not as clear for a noob asd it should be, I will start a series of articles to describe how I made the API and what worked for me.

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But the first thing will be to sync GIT with my GITHUB and my IDE (Visual Studio Code), to commit the changes easily. That will be the next article. Of course you don´t need to do that but I think is a good moment to explain the very basics I know about it.