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Move .ts files and automatically update imports with MOVE .TS


Sometimes we find on our Angular projects, we have created a Component in the wrong place (for example outside Components folder). It can be a waste of time and effort to delete the older and create a new one, specially if we have already used it. Changing all the imports and references is also a work which can lead us to lots of errors, wasting, again, a lot of time to fix them.

To solve it we will use move.ts for visual studio code. This useful plugin for Visual Studio Code will allow you to move all your folders and automatically rename all the imports and references to the folder very easily. You just to make right click on the folder, look for the option “Move Typescript” and follow the instructions:



Javascript Wordpress

Javascript manually coded Google Maps



Many times, WordPress plugins give a lot of problems; so, if you have time and skills, i think is better to implement the funcionality with your own code.

The plugin I was using for the google maps on a client´s site

So I decided to code it, then I could learn a bit and also improve it.

Now each time you click the icon, the info appears/ disappears, and you can make a call to the client pressing the link, with the help of the href=tel attribute.

I have uploaded code to Github, just take in mind you must set your own API KEY with a billing account in order to use it properly on production. You have more info on the project`s


How to install Classic Editor on wordpress



This is one of the first things I felt I had to change when this site was installed.

I don´t know if you, as wordpress user, are used to the new editor like the block default editor, or the gutenberg one. But I think if something works, then don´t change; that´s why I installed the Classic Editor Plugin.

Works like a charm. Now, I am ready to post!

In case you want to know more about WP Plugins and how to intsall them, check this link