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How to know when one Udemy course was created

Many times, when you purchase a course on that platform, (specially software related ones), you could find they are quite old and outdated to the point you could spend more time fixing deprecated methods, fixing errors… than actually doing the course. Must say that fixing errors is sometimes a good way to learn, but usually we expect that the authors update them more often.

Unfortunately that is not always the case, and worse, those authors sometimes update the title of the course to reflect the current year or one framework’s / programming language´s latest version in an attempt to hide the outdated concepts and get more sales.

Now it seems it is not possible to see when a course was created, just the last update.


But there is a way to find when it was actually created using the Udemy API. We can use our preferred api platform to perform the request. I use Postman.

We must make a request to the following endpoint:[course]=title,url,created

We need just to change COURSE_ID with the actual id of the course. How can we find it?

Go to the course´s main page, right click and select View page source (you can open it with CTRL + U ). Once you are there, use CTRL + F and look for the attribute called data-clp-course-id, where you will find the course id.

Once you change COURSE_ID with the id you are have been provided, perform the request and if everything goes fine you will get a response with a field called “created”, where you can see the course creation date.


Hope it helps.